A professor played Ghost of Tsushima and here’s what he thinks

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Ghost of Tsushima launched on July 17 exclusively on PS4 and has garnered much attention because of its beautifully-rendered in-game world and yeah, the Kurosawa mode that transforms the game into a black-and-white Akira Kurosawa film-style simulation. While many have reviewed the game and are still reviewing it, there is a professor too who has played the game and discussed and analysed it in one of his YouTube videos, as per a report by GameRant. He is an Italian and a professor of Japanese, as per the report, and goes by the moniker of Metatron on YouTube. He is also a polyglot. Some of his interests apart from languages are Japanese history, medieval weapons and armour and video games. What set the video game playthrough slightly apart from the other YouTube channels are Metatron’s translation and the historical background and insights he gives while playing. He keeps switching between Japanese and English while the game subtitles are set in Italian. While he too thinks that the game world is created beautifully, the swordfights “fun and realistic” and the music “like a movie”, he also points out details like how a certain fight scene didn’t have “the perfect kenjutsu simulation” what the sword type in a particular scene should have been like as per the ruling period and how “games focused on the samurai need to get the combat right”. The video can be watched here. As can be seen, this is just the first part of the gameplay he’s posted which is about 25 minutes long. Metatron’s video playlists are divided into videos on Ancient Rome, The Middle Ages, armours and weapons, language lessons, video game’s historical evaluation, Japanese history and warfare and even videos on comedy and music.

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