Airpods 3 Fitness Feature: The next Apple AirPods may have these fitness features

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Tech giant Apple has been granted two new health and fitness-related patents related to exercise/stretch positions and Yoga, as per a report by Patently Apple. The first of these, patent 10,715,902, includes supplying the user with “coaching and feedback while evaluating user performance of a head movement routine or other exercise routine.” As per the report, this patent is about the sensors in the upcoming AirPods gathering orientation information like accelerometer measurements during movements made by the users. With the help of an iPhone, the AirPods may help give instructions to the user and get feedback while he/she performs a head movement or any other exercise routine. The second one, patent 10,709,933, is titled “Pose and heart rate energy expenditure for yoga.” The key areas of focus here are tracking and improving the prediction of the number of calories burned in Yoga, which is more specifically geared towards techniques that derive results from the type of poses and heart rate when practising Yoga. One of the described methods employs measuring the heart rate of a user through the heart rate sensing module of the wearable device, where the module has a a photoplethysmogram (PPG) sensor that’s worn near the user’s skin. The other methods involve measuring the ambient temperature through a temperature sensing module in the wearable device, and collecting the motion data of a user via a motion sensing module of the wearable device; determining the type of yoga based on the measured ambient temperature and the collected motion data; detecting when a yoga session has ended etc.

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