Eight ways in which OnePlus made its TV premium even at Rs 12,999

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Updated: July 23, 2020 2:37:42 pm

Eight ways in which OnePlus made its TV premium even at Rs 12,999 (Express photo)
Premium is not really a word that you associate with a price tag of Rs. 12,999 even for smartphones. You expect phones at this price to just get the job done and do not really mind a few cut corners. Move on to an even bigger screen, a TV, and the expectations drop further. And if you get a smart TV for this price, you do not expect it to come laden with premium specs and features. But that was the case before the flagship killer had arrived in the TV market. OnePlus recently launched its new OnePlus TV Y series. It comes with a starting price of Rs. 12,999 but do not get fooled by that price tag – the TV series is up to the brim (or frame in this case) with features that would do a premium TV proud. If that sounds hard to believe, check these eight, top notch features that the OnePlus TV Y series delivers at a starting price of Rs 12,999:
Display – bezels = All display!
Not paying a premium price tag generally means you have to deal with hideously chunky bezels. Those thick black lines that frame the displays of our TVs. But not when the TV comes from the flagship killing brand, OnePlus. OnePlus is the boss of pairing high-end features with affordable prices and that is exactly why you get a bezel-less design even on the OnePlus TV Y series. Even the base model in the Y series offers almost non-existent bezels that surround the display. It comes with a massive 88 per cent screen to body ratio which only means one thing: all display, no bezels!
All display? Woah display!
But having a bezel-less display means nothing if it is not of good quality. Whatever ugliness was lost by having thin bezels can come back into the picture (literally) if the display is below par. But that is not the case with the OnePlus TV Y series. Even the base model in the range brings a huge 32-inch display at this price point and it sure is an impressive one. It has a high colour range of DCI-P3 93 per cent featuring a 20 percent wider colour gamut, meaning you will get “blow-your-mind” colour reproduction with rich colours and deep contrast, leaving you with just two words: woah display!
Plus Gamma Engine powers
All of this in a 32 inch smart TV at this price point is more than enough to please most consumers, but the Y series also comes with OnePlus’ advanced Gamma Engine. This provides dynamic contrast, handles anti-aliasing, minimises noise and ensures proper colour space mapping. All of which helps in delivering a best-in-class visual experience, no matter what you are watching.
All of this in a 32 inch smart TV at this price point is more than enough to please most consumers
Immersive audio, Dolby audio
All that display brilliance is paired with some really premium sound goodness as well. The OnePlus TV Y series comes with two 20W speakers. These are backed by one of the best in audio business brands, Dolby. The TV comes with support for Dolby Audio that not only delivers an immersive cinematic experience but also with surround sound, that takes the viewing experience to another level altogether.
Android in its veins
Brilliant display? Check! Great Audio? Check!
But what really makes the OnePlus TV Y series “smart” is the Android running through its veins. It is powered by Android TV 9.0, giving you access to a number of Android apps and games. You will also be able to connect your television and your OnePlus device seamlessly, which would allow you to not only mirror what is on your OnePlus smartphone on the TV but will also let you use your OnePlus smartphone as a remote control using the OnePlus Connect app (available for free). You also have the option to connect your OnePlus TV with as many as five devices simultaneously over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. With the Y series, OnePlus has also come up with a solution for all those times when Wi-Fi blues hit. You can connect your TV to your smartphone’s Hotspot and use it for viewing content. And the data bill will not go through the roof either – there also is a Data Saving mode that optimises data usage by limiting network bandwidth, enabling/disabling background data usage and controlling video resolutions as per viewer’s choice.
Brilliant display? Check! Great Audio? Check!
‘Ok Google’ to the rescue!
Need some assistance? Well, the Y series comes with the powerful Google Assistant which would not only help you navigate through if you need help but will also answer your queries, browse the web or even tell you a joke on the press of a button.
Play around with OxygenPlay
Scrolling endlessly and navigating through all the apps and content can sometimes be a task but the Y series comes with OnePlus’ content discovery platform, OxygenPlay that can help you pick and choose content easily. With OxygenPlay, OnePlus has partnered with a number of content partners including Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. It also has a dedicated Prime Video section specifically for Prime lovers.
Ports! Ports! Chromecast!
It can be such a shame to have a smart TV but not have enough (and different) connectivity ports on it to connect your devices to it! That is a problem you will not have to face with the OnePlus TV Y series. TheTV comes with a number of connectivity options that includes USB, HDMI, AV input, ethernet ports (yes) and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. And for those who use Chromecast– it is built into the TV itself!
Read all that? Well, we would like to confirm one tiny thing – its price is Rs. 12,999! Literally tiny!
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