Microsoft: Microsoft may have an answer to an annoying internet problem

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Getting a notification on your web browser may be a helpful and a quick way to get constant updates. However, after a certain point, it can get annoying and therefore distracting for users. In order to solve this problem on its Edge browser, Microsoft has rolled out ‘Quiet notification requests’ feature in the Chromium-based Edge version 84. As the name suggests, this feature basically doesn’t block the site notification requests made via the Notifications or Push APIs but makes them appear with a bell labelled “Notifications blocked” in the address bar. In a blog post, the company said that this is done to reduce the “prominence of notification requests so the user can stay focused on their current task, at the same time keep the request at a noticeable location in the UI.” Essentially, this feature works as a pop-up blocker you see on Chrome that blocks the pop window and also notifies users about it all while taking away the distracting part. In case a user wants to see what a notification stated, they can check it out by clicking on the bell icon and even allow future notifications from that particular site. This feature is enabled by default for all Microsoft Edge users, however, for those who don’t want it can turn it off by headline to edge://settings/content/notifications. “We’ve opted to turn on this setting by default for users in Microsoft Edge 84 due to high volumes of user feedback around unwanted notification subscriptions; we hope quiet notification requests will help reduce unintentional subscriptions,” added the company. In the blog, the company also mentioned how it is working on improving the notification reception and interaction experience on future updates. “We found that many users were frustrated by “high priority” Toast notifications set with the requireInteraction member, as these notifications never disappear without user interaction. Starting with Microsoft Edge 85, these notifications will now auto-dismiss in Windows Action Center after 25 seconds,” said the company.

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