Rizzle woos TikTok creators with reward programme

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Rizzle, an app for creating short videos, is trying to woo crores of TikTok creators with launch of ‘Million Stars Rizzle Program’. To be launched later this month, the program will cash reward to people uploading original content of 3-5 minutes on its app. The selected 700 creators will receive cash rewards and assistance from expert creator advisors to get their channels started. They will be part of a special group of creators who receive channel theme advice, channel reviews and feedback, regular webinars about app features and Q&A, opportunities to host shows and have their channels featured on the platform.Launched last June, the Rizzle app has already registered six million downloads. Vidya Narayanan, co-founder, Rizzle App, said the reality has changed for millions of Indian TikTok creators after the video platform was banned, but the good part is there has been an enormous adoption of Indian apps by innovative Indian talent pool. The Million Stars Rizzle Program will help one million content creators in India to bootstrap their presence and become superstars in their respective fields over the next 6-12 months, she said.The features on Rizzle make it easy to create professional-level talk show content with B-Roll videos, image inserts, sound effects and collabs. The app has a host vlogs, talk shows, mini-series, cooking shows and review channels. The platform also allows viewers to reward the creators with silver ($0.99), gold ($1.99) and platinum ($2.99) sponsorship for three months.

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