Xerox: Xerox announces launch of Team availability app for workplace needs

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Xerox has announced the launch of its Team Availability app, a real-time solution for organisations that need to track employee availability and location. The Xerox Team Availability App is a GDPR-compliant SaaS offering with a subscription-based model that allows customers to sign up as per their requirement. It’s available both on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Unlike other attendance management tools, which need to plug into IT infrastructure and take weeks to implement, Xerox claims that the Team Availability app gets ready in just hours. Once populated, the app provides authorised users with customisable and privacy-protected data for strategic decision making, says the company. Xerox is rolling out the app across the company to support its Path Forward plans to manage a phased approach to returning to the workplace safely. Xerox is leveraging the app with its employee population to conduct daily health checks for exposure related to COVID-19. UK’s Imperial NHS Trust is the first organisation to pilot the app to access the status of essential workers across the Trust and its newly assigned locations, said the company in a statement.

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